My passion for photography and film-making stems from my degree in Film and TV production. Through this degree I have been taught many different disciplines, all of which have culminated in my own exploration of photography and film-making as a medium. In recent years I have pushed myself both creatively and professionally, whilst maintaining and building my freelance clients. Through my voluntary work I have also developed myself artistically by curating exhibitions, developing publications and forming strong bonds in the art world.

This has led me to conduct myself in both a creative and professional manner, whether working on a passion project or a large assignment from a client. No matter what, you will get both sides of the coin with me. Taking photographs is a meditative process for myself and therefore becomes a labour of love. Each photograph is composed, shot, edited and delivered to clients after careful deliberation and attention to the finer details. I am proud to share with you my portfolio and I hope you find enjoyment viewing my images.